その名も"armbian-config" ((o・д・)b



  • System System and security settings
  • Network Wired, wireless, Bluetooth, access point
  • Personal Timezone, language, hostname
  • Software System and 3rd party software install
  • Help Documentation, support, sources


説明に"General system configuration (beta)"とあります。



Raspbian 設定ツール


  1. Expand Filesystem・・・・・・・Ensures that all of the SD card storage is available to the OS
  2. Change User Password・・・・・ Change password for the default user (pi)
  3. Enable Boot to Desktop/Scratch Choose whether to boot into a desktop environment, Scratch, or the command line
  4. Internationalisation Options・ Set up language and regional settings to match your location
  5. Enable Camera・・・・・・・・・Enable this Pi to work with the Raspberry Pi camera
  6. Add to Rastrack・・・・・・・・Add this Pi to online Raspberry Pi Map (Rastrack)
  7. Overclock・・・・・・・・・・・Configure overclocking for your Pi
  8. Advanced Options・・・・・・・ Configure advanced settings
  9. About raspi-config・・・・・・ Information about this configuration tool

DietPi 設定ツール


dietpi-launcher = All the DietPi programs in one place.
dietpi-config = Feature rich configuration tool for your device.
dietpi-software = Select optimized software for installation.
dietpi-update = Run now to update DietPi (from V155 to V159).
htop = Resource monitor.
cpu = Shows CPU information and stats.


  • Install Optimized Software
    DietPi-Software・・・Install optimized software thats ready to run.
  • Configuration
    DietPi-JustBoom・・・Launches EQ and MPD audio options menu
    DietPi-AutoStart・・ Choose what software runs after boot.
    DietPi-Cron・・・・・Modify the start times of cron jobs.
    DietPi-Process_Tool・Tweak Nice, Affinity, Schedulers for programs.
    DietPi-Drive_Manager Setup and control multiple external drives.
  • DietPi Updates
    DietPi-Update・・・・Keep your DietPi system upto date.
  • Maintenance
    DietPi-Cleaner・・・ Remove unwanted junk from your system.
    DietPi-BugReport・・ Found a bug? Let us know!
    DietPiCpuInfo・・・・Displays CPU Temp, frequencies, type etc. DietPi-Config
    DietPi-LetsEncrypt・ Frontend for Lets Encrypt, free SSL certs
    DietPi-MorseCode・・ Converts and outputs a text file to morsecode.


  1. Display Options
  2. Audio Options
  3. Performance Options
  4. Advanced Options
  5. Security Options
  6. Network Options: Adapters
  7. Network Options: NAS/Misc
  8. AutoStart Options
  9. Tools


  • Help!
  • DietPi-Config・・・・Feature-rich configuration tool for your device
  • Select Software
    Software Additional・Select additional Linux software for installation
    File Server・・・・・: None
    Log System・・・・・ : DietPi-Ramlog #1
    Webserver Preference : Lighttpd
    User Data Location・ : SD/EMMC | /mnt/dietpi_userdata
  • Install or Remove Software
    Uninstall・・・・・・Select installed software for removal